Monitoring and evaluation

Theory of change week: Monitoring and Evaluation

By 18 September 2014

In his second podcast this week, Andrew Clappison (R2A and CommsConsult) explains how your theory of change can be adapted into an effective means of monitoring and evaluating your success. This podcast is of real value to those people who have developed a theory of change, but are unclear on how to monitor and evaluate their progress against it.

Examples of indicators (see podcast 2 for more details):


Source: Monitoring and Evaluating Advocacy: A Scoping Study, Jennifer Chapman and Amboka Wameyo, January 2001

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  • ionamackenzie

    perfect for my study this week. great stuff, great timing, thanks. also Chapman and Wameyo seem to be the standout paper for discussion of rights based advocacy.. even though its 13 years later. am i right?

    • I’ve also just this week discovered (again) this excellent guide which i would say is still pretty definitive for the basics. Another useful one is Unique methods in Advocacy Evaluation by Julia Hoffman – find it here Good luck in your studies!

      • ionamackenzie

        this too is right there. many thanks Megan

  • Kate

    Could these be made available to download rather than stream? Easier to listen on the go! And if they’re already available for download and I just didn’t see the right button, apologies…

    • R2A

      Hi Kate – thanks for your comment!

      You can download files from audioboom by:
      1. Opening the file you want in audioboom (click on the audioBoo logo)
      2. Add .mp3 to the end of the URL and go
      3. Right click and SAVE AS.

      Hope that helps.
      We’ll see if we can improve the accessibility of these files ASAP.

      • Kate

        Wow that’s clever – thanks! Learn something every day…

        • R2A

          No problem – happy to help!