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Presenting Complex Data Visually: Using web-based tools to make your development data travel

By 13 September 2011

  • I would add to the list of useful sites.  This presents data on a wide range of social and economic indicators scaled onto the map of the world to reflect desnity, magnitude, scale of the phenomenon.

  • Thanks @twitter-57192023:disqus. I’ve added Worldmapper to the list – it looks like a great resource!

  • Alan

    This is exciting stuff. I also came across NIGECS – A breadth of fresh air for visualising complex information relevant to a developing country.

  • Henna Mahmood

    Hi Betty! Thanks for this! There are a # of tools listed here as well that you can add:

  • BettyPaton

    Thanks Henna. I’m going to develop a part two for this post shortly and that list will be really helpful!